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Posted by on Monday March 5, 2012 11:32:55:

Suppose you want to be able to make money online in Nigeria by just doing a simple thing once and allowing it to keep on bringing you income, even when you are no there. Well selling digital items like ebooks on autopilot is surely the way to to.

A lot of people especially in internet leading nations have made a lot of money using the autopilot method. All they needed to do was to create their ebook once, upload it and setup the payment process including marketing tools and then go to sleep while their online store remains open, bringing in income for them, even when they are not there.

You can sell ebooks on autopilot using most of the online payment systems available to Nigerians such as Alertpay, Liberty reserve, 2Checkout, Plimus and so on. In this case however, I'm focusing on selling your ebooks with Liberty reserve

What you will need:
- A liberty reserve account (It's free)
- A website to list your ebook
- A payment handler (a web script or program)
- Uploaded ebook

How it works
This is a bit technical so let me water it down:

- A potential buyer goes to your website landing page and clicks on buy and is taken to liberty reserve payment page
- He logs into his account and makes payment
- Liberty reserve sends a notification to your payment handler
- Your payment handler sends the download link to the buyer.

Uploading your ebook
You will need to upload your ebook to a part of your website which is not publicly available or to a folder you can chmode 0700. It would then only be available to your cgi web script which then allows people to download immediately on a return page or by email link.

The payment handler script (a bit technical)
This is a web based script mostly located in your cgi-bin that accepts payment notifications and then sends feedback to the buyer either by providing a downloadable link or sending downloads via email. You can get a web developer to configure it for you

How much can you sell your ebook?
It depends on you and how much you value the ebook. You can start selling for as low as $1 to $10 and it will do you well if you choose a suitable price since you only created a single file you can sell many times over and automatically.

The setup process can be too technical for those who don't understand websites and how they work but you can really make a lot of money using this method of selling ebooks. It is automatic and it can serve a lot of people without inconveniencing you.

Re: How to sell ebooks on autopilot with Liberty reserve Reply by omoregbe mishael on Saturday April 7, 2012 at 17:7:42:

how can i set up one for my self what will be the cost pls send me a mail at

Re: How to sell ebook on autopilot with Liberty reserver Reply by Awura Adeck Bina on Thursday May 31, 2012 at 13:43:54:

I want to register and start making money online now.

Re: How to sell ebooks on autopilot with Liberty reserve Reply by ABOMA on Thursday June 14, 2012 at 8:32:16:

Hello, i already have an LR account. What i need now is a website to list my Ebook , a web script or program , and also how can i creat an Ebook? Or can i use any Ebook to startup? Also help me with the STEP by STEP. Pls tell me what it will cost. My Email: My Phone: 08028032009

Re: How to sell ebooks on autopilot with Liberty reserve Reply by Felix Okoli on Thursday June 14, 2012 at 8:32:16:

It's a complicated setup especially with setting up the script and I can't begin talking about that now. As for creating an ebook, it's quite easy. Just write your book with Ms word and then convert it to pdf using Adobe professional 8 or higher. You would also need to design the cover page as a jpg file using corel draw or photoshop and convert all of the, to pdf. You can also sell your ebooks without having a website by selling them through Amazon here
As for selling it using liberty reserve, you'd need to create a store within your account and then create the script and link it to your store.

Re: How to sell ebooks on autopilot with Liberty reserve Reply by Kingsley on Friday August 10, 2012 at 14:24:18:

You can start selling digital products even if you do not know anything about HTML. Join me at

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