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If you live in Nigeria, know how to write and use the internet, you can make a good amount of money from just blogging.

Blogging is a growing and new profession and one of the very many opportunities the internet has opened for us. In this age, there are now over ten million Nigerians using the internet. Nigeria's cyberspace has grown so big that one can at least make a full time blogging about Nigerian content.

There are lots of Nigerians using Google, Yahoo, Facebook and YouTube and they are mostly interested in things related to Nigeria and this is where blogs and publishing sites come in, to provide need information or opinion on issues.

What is blogging?
It is an activity that has to do with publishing content such as texts, pictures and videos on a website. Blogging comes from the word web log and to blog means to add new content or material to a website.
Blogging involves a great deal of creativity and writing by a blogger in order to get a message or information on a subject matter out to his audience.

How do blogs or a blogger make money?
Quite simple. Blogs tend to get indexed or listed by search engines and web publishing software used by blogs nowadays tend to allow blogs to be listed on top of search results and they have this ability to generate new content on an almost daily basic. Blogs are designed in such are way as to accept new content both from the blogger when he makes new posts and users who leave comments. Due to this fact, blogs tend to get more traffic and become sort of a community for people to come into. This incoming traffic a blog receives on an almost daily basis makes it a good platform for online advertisers to get their message across. The more a blog is identifiable to a particular set of people, the higher it will rank in the sort of adverts and price that an advertiser would be willing to place on it. So blogs attract people and this indirectly attract online advertisers who pay the bloggers to keep blogging and sending relevant traffic to their online stores.

Blogs --> People Traffic -->Advertisers

So in essence, blogs make money when they drive traffic to advertisers and the more advertisers it can attract, the more money it can generate.

How does one setup a blog in Nigeria?
The basic things you will need are: A domain name + web hosting + Blogging software

There are two popular blogging platforms being used by bloggers in Nigeria and these are:
- Wordpress
- Blogger

Wordpress is more commonly used as it is more versatile and popular across web hosting providers. To set up a wordpress blog, all you need to do is pay for web hosting and setup wordpress within you site. You may also get a free wordpress site from

Blogger is a blogging platform offered by Google and by default, it allows you to set up your blog for free at a free domain like You may however purchase your own custom domain and point it to your blogger url so that your website reads Blogger is a powerful platform but it doesn't allow one to host it independently on his web host so it is a sort of free blog hosted by Google. There are ways however in which you can convert or transfer your blogger blog to a wordpress blog.

Other custom blogging platforms are also in use in Nigeria as not everyone uses wordpress or blogger. but the above mentioned are the most commonly used. The main aim of using a blogging platform is to allow you to publish new blog posts and allow comments. A blog works in that way in order to make it more like a living website that interacts with users rather than a static or brochure type website.

How to make money blogging from Nigeria
- Setup your blog
- Decide on the categories you want to focus on writing about
- Write and publish a lot of blog posts
- Sign up with an online advertising network that pays to advertise on your blog
- Identify channels o blog post that bring the most traffic or income and develop on them
- Receive payments by cheque or bank deposit

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I want to make money and i need help to set it up

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Please I am interested in training on blogging. Do u have any training event coming up? Please do consider me for the training.

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