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There is quite a growing number of Nigeria making money using this method and all they really have to do is send email attachment containing computer files to the buyer after payment has been confirmed. I've been writing about many money making opportunities in Nigeria but this is one of the ones you can do on the internet and which can keep adding money to your Nigerian savings account.

Things you will need
- An internet connection
- Computer file
- Bank account or other online account
- An email address

So if you can create computer/digital files, send and receive mail as well as have a bank account, you can make money even from home - It is that easy

How does it really work?
Well first of all you need to create or have a computer file that you know people need and that you can easily deliver with your email address or website. Most people prefer to sell pdf ebooks which are informative and they sell them over and over again. It could be xcel sheets, videos, mp3s or other useful files you can sell as high as N1,000 each time

- So upload your computer file to your email account as a draft or on your website
- Promote it with a sales page or advert
- Let people be able to pay you by depositing to your bank account or online payment eg. Payza, Liberty reserve or other
- Confirm payment by having them send an sms notification and also from your bank. For online payment, you can automate it using a Instant Payment notification script
- Send the file as an email attachment or by allowing buyers to instantly download if they used online payment

Why this business model if profitable
- You don't need to re-stock or buy goods before selling,. You create it once and sell many times
- You don't have to store any physical goods
- You don't need a physical store
- You can keep selling for the long term as long as people need it

Examples of computer files you can sell online
- eBooks on how to do stuff e.g. register a company
- Video files on cooking a particular meal
- Software that you have rights to
- Website templates
- CV templates
- Loan application templates
- Digital pictures without watermarks
- Popular or old files

How do you really get buyers?
Well, you could do a bit of advertising by maybe having a website or posting articles on already existing forums and article websites. There are lots of free places to get free advertising however having a website where you can say it all can go a long way in helping you make more sales. If you were able to sell maybe an ebook for N1000 and sell about 100, that's a cool N100,000 sitting in your bank account.


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