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Posted by on Monday December 3, 2012 at 9:55:31:

If you are independent artist or music producer, you can make money easily online by selling your content on the web.

There are digital content selling platforms on the web that allow people who own rights to content like movies, music, audio books and other types of digital content to sell their stuff through them and on autopilot.

There are probably many music producers or artistes who have written their songs but have no record deal or a means to market their product to their immediate market. The good news is that they can still make their work publicly available to a much larger market on the internet by making use of such selling platforms for their work.

Sites like Amazon, iTunes and Netflix can allow you to sell most of your music on the web to millions of potential buyers who are always looking for something new and Nigerian artistes are not left out.

The only thing you'd need to do is to create and upload your content e.g music in the acceptable format and then choose a price to sell and the rest it automatic. You'd be paid a royalty fee every time someone buys your product. The buyer would be able to immediately download a copy of your work almost as soon as he makes payment and you don't need to have your own website or selling platform except if you were trying to do more marketing.

Even major Nigerian artistes and movie producers tho are already hot sellers still have their works to be sold on the internet using these popular sites.

So even if you can make money selling your stuff on CDs or DVDs, you can probably make much more by selling it on already popular digital content websites like Amazon, itunes and Netflix and there are no upfront payments.

So if you can sing something like one good song and it is lovely, people are most likely to buy it and you can sell it many times. You get it? Create once sell many times. That's the beauty of selling digital content online.


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