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Posted by Felix on Tuesday July 12, 2011 19:33:32:

Alertpay is an online payment platform that allows users to receive payment online. It allows account holders to send, receive and store payments on the internet and works very much like Paypal.
In Nigeria, Paypal is not included as one of the payment platforms but Alertpay is and can very much be useful to you if you are interested in receiving money from anyone across the world.

Things you can do with Alertpay includes
- Send or receive money from other people all over the world
- Receive donations and subscription payments on your site
- Receive credit card payments
- Sell items on your site
- Transfer funds to another person with an email address
- Sell instant download items on your site with EPD and IPN

Why Alertpay is a good payment option
- It works in most countries where Paypal does not
- It allows credit card transactions
- It is very secure
- Fees are low for users
- It is free to open an account

Why you may need an Alertpay account
Everyone who seeks to make money online needs to have the ability to receive that money. There are several affiliate programs, advertising networks, freelance communities and global internet companies who use Alertpay to pay their partners. Even if you are not dealing on a global stage or have a global community base, you can still localize your buyers to Nigeria or your country and offer services or online products which customers can buy online and pay your for it. There is a growing community of Visa and Mastercard users in Nigeria and getting them to use Alertpay would be very good for your business and all you need to do is integrate Alertpay's tools to your website or blog.


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