How to make payments with your ATM card

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An ATM card is mostly a debit card attached to your bank account that allows you to do a lost of things such as making withdrawals from an ATM and POS machines as well as internet payments

So the ATM card can do a lot of payment functions and in this contect, I'd like to focus on 2 platforms which are:

- Internet payments
- POS payments

Internet payments
You can use your naira based ATM card to make payments on the internet and this is becoming possible by banks who've started issuing globally accepted payment cards backed by Visa or Mastercard. If your ATM card has a Visa or Mastercard logo, chances are that you can use it to make payments on the internet as long as Visa or Mastercard is accepted. However, you should know tht not all ATM cards are activated for internet payments even if it does carry the Visa or Mastercard logo so you'd need to contact your bank to enable internet payments on your card and then you've be able to pay online as well as withdraw from ATMs globally, even when you are not in Nigeria. The bank would give you something like a internet payment PIN or token different from your ATM withdrawal PIN and with that you should be able to pay online, even if the currency is in a foreign currency other than the naira.

P.O.S. payments with an ATM
P.O.S. machines are those small machines we see at shopping malls or stores that allow you to slip in your card and make payment after a purchase. There are growing number of businesses now in Nigeria which accept ATM card payments and it is actually a much better and safer way of going for shopping rather than carrying cash. Shopping malls like Shoprite, Game, Mega plaza and many others now allow Nigerians to make payments using POS machines with their ATM cards.

How it works
- After doing your shopping, you proceed to the checkout center
- Opt to pay with ATM card after your bills have been calculated
- Give your card to the cashier who proceeds to billing you
- Enter your ATM pin secretly when asked to and confirm
- Collect your payment receipt after payment

So if you are going for shopping at a large mall, don't just go with cash of more than say N50,000, instead, go with an ATM card. If you are also a frequent internet shopper, simply ask your bank to enable internet payments on your ATM card.


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I like's safer,easier and reliable.

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