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Posted by on Tuesday August 9, 2011 9:57:41:

Payza is a great way to receive money online and it works just like Paypal. It is a Canadian company that offers online money transfers between two parties who both have to have an account with them.

There are several ways in which Payza can be useful to you as an internet user who wants to have access to online fund transfers:

- Send and receive money from friends
- Accept online donations
- Make and receive payments for digital items
- Accept credit card payments
- Pay or receive payment for services
- Secure online payment without flashing your card details every time

Payza success stories
There is this kenyan guy I know that brings in a good amount of money from just Payza donations from his website/ He runs a charitable cause that helps provide lighting for people in remote villages and Payza donations is a primary way by which he accepts online payment or his foundation. You can see his site at and he is Evans Wadongo.

What you can do with Payza in Nigeria
If you plan to start using Payza as a primary way to generate income from your website, this can be possible even if you are in Nigeria as a lot of buyers can no pay with Mastercard or Visa which is readily available at Nigeria banks. You may use allow people to pay for your online services using credit card payments powered by Payza and it will be processed in minutes. All you need to do is to encourage buyers to sign up for a free account with Payza and then validate their credit cards and you even earn a commission for bringing in new members as Payza gives you a free affiliate code for making referrals. So with Payza, it's a win win situation. You get paid for items you sell and still get paid for new buyers you refer to the Payza platform.

Re: Using Payza in Nigeria Posted by kingfysh on Friday September 2, 2011 at 21:25:10:

im a nigerian and i have an Payza account but i cant see the referer link, i dont even know wheda my account is fully verify, and pls how can i receive money online with Payza cos i cant even see my account I.D......pls explain to me how it works and i will be greatful.tnx

Re: Using Payza in Nigeria Reply by ese on Monday February 27, 2012 at 21:1:34:

If you want to fund ur alert pay account call 08034665061

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