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Posted by on Saturday August 20, 2011 10:4:6:

Alertpay is a great way to receive money online apart from just sending money and it is relatively cheaper too. One good thing Ii would like to write about Alertpay is its ability to help you receive donations on your website. Assuming you have a charity organisation or fundraising, you can use Alertpay buttons to promote that campaign.

Although Alertpay allows users the ability to use form inputs for processing payments, they now have an in-house mechanism that allows you to easily setup donation buttons. I have set one up myself and you can, if you love this post, simply

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So how do you go about setting up your own Alertpay donation button for your website?

Well, first of all, you will need an Alertpay account - Get one here free

Then, you also need to already have a website where you can paste the codes.

Finally, you have to login to your Alertpay account and do the following:

- Go to business tools
- Click on manage buttons
- Under standard integration
- Click on manage or generate donation button
- Click on add under manage buttons to generate a new button
- You can also choose a button to edit if you have generated a button before

Generate the new button:
- Under Name, enter the name of the button such as Support us, Help us remain free or Donate to our organisation
- Under description, describe in more detail what the donation is all about
- Just fill out the remaining fields
- Enter a return url and cancel url for a page on your site to return to when processed or cancelled
- Enter an alert url such as cgi or active page that helps handle alertpay's ipn that will be sent to your server.
- Enter the pricing or leave it blank to allow donors to enter their own amount.
- Click on update to save your donation button
- Copy the code which has now been encoded and short and paste it on your website to start accepting donations

The final button looks like this and you may support me by making a $1 donation:


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