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Posted by on Sunday September 18, 2011 12:14:46:

If you have an Alertpay account, you should know that it allows you to receive money online and in seconds. Now you can also make money with an Alertpay account and I mean earning money and not just receiving money from families or friends. Alertpay allows users to send and receive money on the internet within her network. But how do you make money if you already have an Alertypa account?

Well there are 3 methods I want to share on how you can make money with an Alertpay account:

1. Referrals
2. Sell online
3. Donations

This basically involves signing up with Alertpay and earning money from their affiliate program such that you would earn a commission for other clients or signups you bring to Alertpay. Once you are logged in to your Alertpay account, you are automatically an affiliate and you should just go to the earn money" button to get your affiliate link and codes.

How the program works is you use your affiliate link on your website or email and use it to invite people to the Alertpay network and Alertpay will start crediting your if they meed the conditions. Having a website or bunch of published articles that talks about Alertpay's service is a good platform for using your affiliate links. If you are also selling stuff online, inviting your customers to pay you with Alertpay can earn you more. Even if you don't have a website, you can also make use of articles or email to friends and connections and invite them to use Alertpay.

Sell Online
This is practically the quickest and more effective way to make money with your Alertpay account. What this requires is that you have something that you sell online and then let people pay you with Alertpay. Successful people I have seen using this method normally sell downloadable or virtual products, subscriptions and so on that you can deliver online to buyers. Alertpay's selling platform allows buyers to pay you with their Alertpay funds, Visa and Mastercards and other credit cards to pay you and Alertpay fees are ok for merchants. They also offer Instant Payment Notifications that can allow your website to deliver items immediately after a successful online payment from your buyers

This is probably the easy way out in making money with Alertpay. You just have to Google about Cyber begging or online charity donations and you would see a lot of websites and stories of how they make their money. A site like Wikipedia was able to make millions of dollars within a few months of launching its online donation campaign. The good thing about internet donations is that it makes the buyer or giver feel good about giving. If you are going to use this method to make money with Alertpay, you should know that they now offer customized donation buttons that allow people or your website visitors to donate any amount of money to you for your project. You should avoid using this for fraudulent donation campaigns as it may lead to bad customer feedback or even freeze your Alertpay account. If you are going to get people donate to your website, then you should try to be transparent and let them see good reason to do so and they might just do so freely and willingly. There is a guy in Kenya who has been successful with Alertpay donations on his website. So you could use donation buttons from Alertpay for funding charitable activities.

Re: How to make money with an Alertpay account Reply by Oyeniran Lawson on Saturday February 18, 2012 at 17:54:43:

please link me up with those that i can meet to sell e-currency to for cash
from my alertpay account.

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