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Posted by on Monday November 14, 2011 16:45:27:

One of the good things about using Alertpay as your payment processor is it's ability to send as Instant Payment Notification(IPN) to your server as soon as someone has sent payment to you. Nowadays, most online payment processors or platforms make use of IPNs as part of a somewhat standard procedure and if you are really selling online, you need a service like this from Alertpay.

What you can do with an IPN
Now what can you do with an IPN? There are a lot of things you do with this and I've seen a lot of successful sites also doing so and these includes:
- Allowing buyers to get immediate access to their purhcased digital items i.e. It helps instant downloads
- Allows you to update a database or record or payments received and buyers account
- Allows you to automatically send an email to the buyer, donor or sender

How Alertpay's IPN works
Well it works like this:
- Someone makes a payment to you using Alertpay
- Alertpay confirms that a payment has been made to you by sending a notification to your specified url or IPN Handler
- Your IPN handler(php, perl or other) confirms it is Alertpay and then reacts by maybe sending an email to buyer, updates your database and do lots more

Apart from Alertpay's IPN which allows your website to do a lot of things, there is also another mechanism called Encrypted Payment Details(EPD) which allows your buyer or creditor to get an immediate feedback on a return page even without checking his email. You can also use this to allow the buyer to immediately download your product without him going to check his email

Selling with Alertpay has never been easy like this before an they keep improving their technology to make it easy for you to sell online.

Alertpay allows you to accept donations, credit card payments, member transfers and so on.

All you need to do to start using Alerpay's IPN are:
- To enable it in your account
- Generate a payment button
- Set up your IPN handler at your website.

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