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Posted by on Friday May 25, 2012 8:38:32:

China is the new export capital of the world and most major manufactures have established factories in China making it a huge industry that is exporting to the rest of the world.

Importing goods from China to Nigeria is a good business action as you can get the really cheap and make profits when you sell in Nigeria. In China, you can find low quality and high quality. Most US manufacturers have even moved to China in order to export back to the USA. This is mostly because of the affordable labour and favourable economy of China.

Nigerian business travellers and importers are not left out of the many opportunities one can find in doing business with China and the big business really is in importing needed goods from China into Nigeria.

How do they do this? How does a Nigerian import goods from China into Nigeria?

2 ways to import from China
- By Air
- By Sea

Shipping by Air:
This simply means getting your goods from China to Nigeria using an airplane. When using an airplane, you could use cargo or hand carry. Cargo is when you pay for shipping the goods directly using any freight or cargo shipping company such as DHL, EMS or other local cargo company in Nigeria. Most cargo companies that ship from China to Nigeria have offices at the airports and in China. So if you have goods that have been packed and you want them shipped, you just give it to them and pay the required fee and you will be able to collect it back when it arrives the airport in Nigeria.
For hand carry, this simply refers to taking your purchased goods along with you as part of your travelling packages. There is a limit to the amount of package you are allowed to carry as an airline passenger and your limit can be increased depending on your relationship with the airline whether you are a frequent flyer or once a while flyer. Some Nigerian business travellers to China have more package allowance than others and some are even tagged Senators.

Shipping by Sea:
These are mostly good for shipping lots of imported goods that come in containers. It is for big time importers who don's ship small units. So if you were shipping goods from China in heavy amounts, it is better to use shipping by sea as it is more economical. There is really no item you can't ship by sea as long as the quantity is reasonable and it's not a contraband item.

Using air is mostly good for good which are not heavy such as clothes, shoes, books and light equipments or smaller units. Other heavy equipments like car spare parts, electricals and so on would be more economical if you use sea shipping. Shipping by air is more expensive when compared to shipping by sea but it is much faster. So if you were shipping items that could fill up a container, then use sea shipping else you should use air shipping.

How long does it take?
Sea shipping is slower than air shipping. Sea shipping could take a month or more while air shipping could take 5 days to 10 days.

Do I need to travel to China before shipping to Nigeria?
Not necessarily. There are websites you can use in Nigeria to shop from the Chinese market. Examples of these include, and However, items I've seen listed there could be more expensive than they actually are in the local Chinese market. So it really depends on how many items you are buying and what price you really want. Travelling to China to inspect your goods is also a goods business idea since there are stories of online merchants sending people items different from what they ordered. It's best if you can travel to China, inspect and buy your goods there. If you however have a good contact in China, then there really is no need travelling all the way.

I hope this helps.

Re: How to ship goods from China to Nigeria Reply by Adsense on Friday June 8, 2012 at 22:29:56:

nice one here bro,keep it up!

Re: How to ship goods from China to Nigeria Reply by michael ogbonna n. on Sunday June 10, 2012 at 12:1:47:

i need to shipping goods like apple frout and order commodites so i need to know.

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Please i need ur phone number,i need to talk to u

Re: How to ship goods from China to Nigeria Reply by Prince on Thursday August 30, 2012 at 18:35:52:

We have about six buses and five trucks we want to send to Lagos from China. 

We need your contact.

You can contact Prince

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