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Posted by on Monday November 19, 2012 at 9:31:6:

Doing business in Nigeria can be challenging when there is little or no capital as most strong businesses would require a considerable amount of capital and N1m may just be a stepping stone.

In this report, I just want to list out some small business opportunities you can start without involving too much capital.

1. Marketing
2. Real estate Agency
3. Private coaching
4. Cable tv installation(DSTV, Startimes, GoTv)
5. Video club
6. Event planning service
7. Phone and electronics repair service
8. Recharge card vending
9. Outdoor food selling
10. Computer typing services
11. Key cutting
12. Recyclable waste collection e.g plastic bottles, paper and polyethylene

For a business like marketing, you would receive commission based on the sales you bring eg. 10% or a pre-agreed fee. Real estate agents also make good money which is about 10% of rent paid by the tenant so if a tenant pays N500,000, he gets NN50,000 or more as agreed with the llandlord.

Offering services in Nigeria require less capital than offering actual products. So if you have little or no capital maybe you should start thinking more of offering services than goods.

Naturally, a business that has to do with providing services actually require less capital than the ones that has to do with stock or a product. You just need to think up a good business idea that would help people and the money would start rolling in.

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