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Electricity is one of the scarce utilities in Nigeria as many people barely have up to 4 hrs supply of it on a daily basis while some are totally cut out from the national grid. You can make money using Electricity in Nigeria in a variety of ways and the basic idea is to use something that not many Nigerians have to make money from them.

1. Supplying: If you can supply electricity to people in Nigeria you can also make money. Some are big time electricity suppliers like NEPA or PHCN but there are also some that offer electricity to shopping malls, small businesses and retailers and they make money doing so. What people basically want from you is the ability to supply them with electricity while giving them a reasonable price for it. They don't necessarily want to know how you get your electricity(generator, solar, wind, others)

2. Cooling: Electricity is used for cooling homes, offices and drinks but the absence or lack of electricity makes life harder for Nigerians. If you can provide them with things like Ice blocks, cold drinks and a cool environment during the heat, they will pay you money for it. Nigerians buy ice blocks for events, parties and for personal use. They pay extra charges when eating at restaurants that have air conditioners. You can make money by using the cooling power of electricity to provide goods and services to people in Nigeria.

3. Charging: Many Nigerians now use a lot of battery powered electrical devices and they require charging from time to time. There are Nigerians who make money providing phone recharging services at markets and offices and I hear they charge about N50 per phone battery. People who also recharge car batteries and bigger batteries charge more for it.

4. Cooking: This basically has to do with cooking food by using electricity as your means of power rather than gas or firewood. With the rising cost of kerosene and gas as well as the inconvenience of using them, electric cookers and ovens are now gradually being used to make cooking much better. If you run a restaurant or cooking service, you can cook better and more efficiently using devices like electric cookers, halogen ovens and microwave ovens. In some cases, cooking with electricity may even be cheaper than coking with wood or gas.

5. Offering other services: This involves offering services using electricity and there are many of such services you can provide with it in Nigeria. You can run a business center, internet cafe, video viewing center and so on. There are many small businesses you can run in Nigeria that require electricity and you can get it from either NEPA or your generator.

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