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You can make a lot of money with classified websites that are related to Nigeria. A lot of people may not know this but the internet is helping a lot of small Nigerian businesses to make more money.

Even if you don't have a physical office or store, you can still sell using classified ads by agreeing to meet your buyers at public places. But if you already have a store or office, you can make more sales by putting in a good advert for free on classified websites.

If your small business has a website, public contact, or listing on a popular local classified website, it stands a greater chance of making more income due to that publicity.

Classified websites are websites that allow people to submit adverts promoting their business or personal. They are highly monitored to stop spam or fraudulent post so only quality adverts are mostly accepted. So classified websites are powerful sites that can give you more publicity.

So how do you make the money?
Here is how it works:

Internet traffic goes to Classified post and then redirected to your real business.

When you have something to sell or are offering a service, you go to a Nigerian classified website and submit a good post promoting your business. You also include your contacts such as phone and office. When someone else who is a potential buyer is looking for what you are offering visits the post, he would know your offer and contact you if he wants to buy. So, in essence, classified websites converts internet traffic to real business traffic giving your more sales.

There are now a growing number of people in Nigeria who search for things on the internet first before actually going out to buy them from real stores.

Classified websites in Nigeria
There is also a growing number of classified websites in Nigeria and these includes:

- Dealfish:
- Nairalist:
- Ngosi -
- Google Trader:
- Tradestable:
- Whitedrum:

They are mostly free and allow you to post an advert related to your business or any other thing you want to give publicity to. Even without a website, posting a classified ad and including your business phone and email can be a great source of income.

Creating and submitting an advert
When submitting an advert to a classified website, if you really want to make it more effective in attracting customers, one thing that is really important is the writing. You should be able to write in good English and in such a way that will be appealing to your audience. You could also include digital pictures too of what you are offering. Once all that is ready, then you can go to the classified website and post your advert.

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Add to that list - Nigeriads -

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