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Posted by on Thursday October 25, 2012 at 17:0:42:

One advantage a reseller has is that he doesn't take risks in sourcing for raw materials or engaging in production but rather he purchases products already produced and then resells them to others for profit.

A reseller literally makes profit by acting as a middle man between a producer and a consumer or between a top wholesaler and retailer. A reseller can also be a retailer/wholesale who simply sells goods that has already being sold to him, hence the term re-seller.

There are lots of products or assets which a reseller can sell in Nigeria such as provisions, consumer items, electronics, cars, computers, mobile phones, gsm accessories and so on. Resellers are not exactly long term investors as they tend to prefer making quick sales for products they've recently acquired within the short term.

A reseller may or may not reveal the source of his products in order not to limit competition. He may even brand such products or make a deal with the producer to brand such products in his name to make it look unique. That sort of arrangement is quite possible in a situation where the manufacturer or major dealer has a reselling package for people like him.

Let's give an example of a reseller who resells packages food and does the delivery to customers who made a call-in order. He does not really produce the food but it could come branded in his company name to promote his brand and encourage long term loyalty while he simply sources for such products from any group of producers depending on his choice.

As a reseller, you will need to have capital, acquire goods/services at a discount and then resell them to buyers at a profit. You can decide on how much profit you want to make on your sales and this can be on a 10%, 20% or 30% profit margin.

A reseller knows how to get the right goods, where the market is and how to deliver it for profit. There is practically nothing that you can't resell in Nigeria as long as it's always on sale.


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