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In a country of over 150 million people, no other tv show attracts much loyalty as football events and that is why running a football business in population dense areas in Nigeria can be a good business.

Imagine being able to make money in Nigeria just by allowing people to watch football tv in your entertainment center? Well the football tv viewing center business is one of the new and growing profitable businesses one can do in Nigeria as all you need to do is build it and they will surely come. You can make money from gate tickets, advertising as well as consumption sales.

After work, what do people do to relax? Well at times they just go home, while some go to clubs, others go on dates and at times they just want to be entertained. TV viewing centres are in vogue now in Nigeria and they are different categories of them spreading over cities like Lagos and Abuja. Some category of viewing centers are for the big boys while others are for the low income class depending on the gate fee.

Although, live football viewing is one of the more popular viewing service people are willing to pay for in Nigeria, especially during the season, you can also have some other side attractions when there is no live football like movies and football videos.

To start a viewing center, the basic asset one really needs is a piece of land in a serene environment and you can then setup a main wide screen using a projector or big screen tv.

You know, there are times people may not like going to clubs to party or dance but just want to relax and be at peace with themselves while getting entertained. Besides some clubs can be more expensive than viewing centers so most Nigerians tend to flock to these places as a great place to also socially connect with people in their class.

What people gain by going to public viewing centers
- Entertainment
- Meeting people in a similar social class
- Exchanging ideas and business contact
- Affordable Reacreation

For some people, it is actually cheaper to go to viewing centers than going to clubs or taking someone on a date or the movies. While for some others, it is like a neutral ground that has better moral standards than clubs.

Some Legal requirements
- Register it as a business
- Register with your local govt
- Get public tv license from authorized dealers if you don't have the direct rights to it eg. from DSTV, HiTv, GoTv or Startimes

Basic Things you will need
- Capital
- Staff
- Land or location
- Generator
- TV or Projector and screen
- Cable tv subscription
- Seats
- Inverter/UPS
- Local govt permission to operate as a public viewing center
- Security

Spacing requirements
You should have it in mind of the maximum capacity of your viewing centre and make sure not to exceed that capacity so as not to cause overcrowding. If your hall is designed for 100 people, don't admit 200 people else it would be a problem. Every public space has a limited capacity of people it can contain so try to enforce that.

Location of generator
Generators should be located in ideal places far away from where people are seated. It should be able to operate in a well ventilated or open space so as not to cause poisoning to people since its fumes are dangerous.

Collecting payments
Most payment for viewing centres are collected at the gates or door before entry but you can always decide on how to collect your fees. You may also need the services of security to handle troublemakers.


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