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One of the most thriving small businesses in Nigeria is retailing and people who are involved in this business are mostly self employed merchants. They mostly make use of small or big shops to store and sell their good to end users.

Getting a shop for a retail business involves some capital as they can be expensive since you have to pay for rent annually or bi-annually. Having a shop is considered a significant part of your investment if you intend getting involved in a retail business as price ranges from N100,000 to N1m in big cities across Nigeria.

What if you could do business in Nigeria without having to pay for rent? What if you could go into such business without the need for a public store or shop?

Well, with the growing rate of internet usage in Nigeria, online selling is in vogue as more people are now selling their wares through online marketing.

Google Trader to the rescue
You must have heard of a site called Google Trader Nigeria. This is one of the free online classified websites that allows sellers and buyers to get connected and trade. It is free as you don't have to pay anything to list your products on Google Trader.

Whether you are a wholesaler or retailer, have a shop or not, you can always get the widest exposure to your products by making use of Google Trader.

Things you will need
- An email address
- A registered Google account(It's free)
- A phone number
- A product to sell

How to list a product on Google trader
As long as you have something genuine to sell, you can always list it on Google trader so that when Nigerians search for it, they may view your advert and contact you easily.

- Take a picture of what you're selling e.g. car, laptops, flash drive or brand product
- Sign up to Google
- Log into Google trader
- Post a listing and use good description. The better the more traffic you get.
- Upload your pictures
- You can also upload your face picture if you want
- Add a means of contact. Use business contact number if you want privacy.
- Publish your listing
- Now buyers can always contact you and you can arrange for a place of meeting to trade

You don't really need a shop
So you can always get connected with buyers on appointment when they want to buy something from you. If you already have a shop, you can always promote it even more by listing your shop address on the online advert.
All you may really need is a warehouse of place just to store your goods and then you can always meet people at any place you want on appointment. You can even charge them more to do a door to door delivery via courier.

Young Nigerians are shopping online
What most people don't realize is that more and more Nigerians are now shopping online and it is the young people who spend more and have the buying power now and they know how to use the internet.
You would get more exposure to your business if you make use of such online advertising. There is a story of a lady who makes millions from using Google trader even though she is just selling baby products. She sells more as a result of her online listing than from her store.


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