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In Nigeria, GSM companies make a lot of money offering gsm services to mobile phones. You too can cut a piece of your own cake by offering the same service they offer in your own unique way. Yes, you can make money by simply becoming a gsm geek in Nigeria and you don't have to be an official agent or pay any registration fee to offer that same service.

A GSM geek is a person who is knowledgeable about GSM services in such a way that he can help others around the service.

In this case, you are merely acting as a middle man between the subscriber and the gsm company. You may or may not have any official relationship with the company other than the fact that you know their services well enough to help people better enjoy the service.

There are a lot of small businesses growing by offering such gsm related services especially in tech markets across Nigeria. They help people by simply offering services people can also get by making a visit to their gsm customer service.

The problem with most gsm customer centres is the issue of queuing as there is a lot of people traffic and customers tend to spend lots of hours getting subscribed to a service or renewing their plans. So many small businesses open up offering paying customers the same service they would get at the main office and another good thing is that they are more customer friendly.

Nigerians don't mind paying extra to get good customer service

Some GSM related services that you can offer:

- Mobile browsing configuration
- Backup service
- Internet browsing subscriptions
- Mobile money setup
- Mobile tv setup
- Call forwarding
- Bulk sms
- Phone unlocking
- Phone flashing
- Mobile Phone downloads
- Ring tones and caller tune setup
- Virus & spyware detection & removal

and a lot more services a long as they are available on the gsm network.

You only need to charge customers the exact fee plus your own commission when setting them up for a service that is readily available from their provider.

    Re: Make money offering GSM related services Reply by folake ibine on Saturday January 19, 2013 at 14:53:46:

    am interested in it how do i go about it

    Re: Make money offering GSM related services Reply by Folashade Balogun on Friday February 8, 2013 at 8:56:33:

    am interested in distributorship of recharge cards. Please enlighten me on how to go about it.

    I can be reached on the email address above.


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