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Posted by on Sunday January 6, 2013 at 13:23:26:

A lot of Nigerians do have money, at least to be able to pay for 24 hrs electricity but the problem is that most of them are not knowledgeable or educated about alternate sources of power other than the power supply from the Federal govt or fuel consuming generators.

Most Nigerians would not mind paying for stable electricity at least and from reports we've been having from successive administrations in govt, Nigeria's power supply problem may linger for the next 20 years.

Nigeria is abundantly blessed with a lot of natural resources and has more sunlight than most countries like USA, Britain or China where solar devices are even produced. So we can really cut down power costs by simply switching to solar energy.

There is a lot of opportunity for people investing in alternative sources of power like solar energy. Solar energy business is still relatively new in the country as people now tend to spend more of their income on generators rather than on NEPA due to their fact that they know nothing about solar energy.

You can make a lot of good money by enlightening people about solar power(marketing), selling solar gadgets, doing installations for them and maintaining such installations.

Solar energy is the future for Africa, a continent with one of the highest levels on sunglight on an annual basic. Due to developing technologies and educational advancement, many people in Nigeria have come to become addicted to electric power and would not mind having a sufficient supply. The truth most people have realized is that when it comes to things like power supply, demand would always exceed supply and that's why switching to solar energy is probably the best way for the country.

Offering Solar energy services could involve analyzing your potential client's need, offering them a variety of solar devices and doing the installation for them.

I was excited to see a documentary on CNN one day showing a building that was 100% powered by solar energy and this was definitely a green building which has no CO2 emmissions unlike what buildings powered by the national plant ot generators would give. So, the world as we know it is already looking for alternative sources of power for the long term in order to divert away from pollution causing generators which are destroying our world and even driving up the price of oil.

Solar energy has a bright future and investing in it for business would only prove profitable in the long term. Besides, with growing economies like that of China, a lot of these solar products are still produced in mass and at affordable rates.

What a solar energy installation would require
A basic solar system would involve the following:
- Solar panels
- Inverters
- Energy storage e.g battery
- Charge controller
- Connection Wires
- Meters

Benefits of solar energy in Nigeria
In Nigeria, solar energy can be used for a lot of things such as:
- Recharging mobile phone batteries
- Watching 24 hrs tv
- Offering lighting for the home
- Pumping water to buildings
- Cooling buildings
- Powering computers and other electronics

    Re: Solar Energy services Reply by Essang Godspower on Tuesday January 22, 2013 at 24:28:11:

    how can i start this solar bussness and how much will it cost me to start? I know i wil do Well...pls here is my number 08064234665 thanks

    Re: Solar Energy services Reply by richard on Tuesday March 26, 2013 at 19:41:31:

    pls hw can i strt up a solar..hw do i get idea on how to construct and mount solar? culd u pls brief me more

    Re: Solar Energy services Reply by FEMI on Wednesday October 9, 2013 at 8:23:41:

    please i wish to have practical knowledge of solar energy on part time duration especially weekend bases please how i can get intourch with you. thanks

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