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Mobile chatting is in vogue now in Nigeria as more young people communicate with each other with texts rather than making voice calls and you can't really blame them because of the numerous benefits of text message chatting such as:

- Cost effectiveness
- Ability to chat with a lot of friends
- It's fashionable
- It's quiet and more private

In order for people to chat with their mobile phones, blackberry phones and smart phones come to mind as you can't really chat without them and so these potential buyers are willing to sacrifices thousands of their money just to buy a chat friendly phone.

Although GSM companies in Nigeria do have their own blackberry phones which they also sell to their subscribers when they want to buy a plan, there is still an opportunity for freelance importers, whether small scale or large scale, to make some profit from this. You only need to know how to get them at good price, choose your profit margin and then know how to capture your market.

Blackberry phones are also available at cheap prices in China and UK, this is a report on how to buy them from the USA because of the convenience with online shopping and their adherence to specifications. Besides, they do have the best quality.

When it comes to online shopping for blackberry phones and smart ones, I normally prefer shopping from large sites like or directly from the manufacturer's website. You can also search for other trusted wholesale websites. Then when it comes to shipping, the best is to secure a US shipping address service which will later reship your package via DHL to Nigeria within 5 days after receiving delivery within the USA in 2 to 3 days from the seller.

What you will need
- A US shipping and forwarding address
- A Visa or Mastercard issue by a Nigerian bank
- Buyer's account

How this works
- Get a Visa or Mastercard denominated in US dollars
- Sign up for a shipping address with a US shipping company
- Sign up for a free shopping account at the US store eg
- Search for blackberry and smart phones (unlocked ones). You can also search for accessories
- You can sort for low prices or high prices
- Buy the items and ship to your US address
- You will receive an email when item has arrived at your address
- Re-Ship to Nigeria by paying for shipping in advance
- Track your shipping via DHL tracking service
- Expect delivery at your address in Nigeria

How much will it cost to ship to Nigeria?
Well, courier companies like DHL tend to charge per KG and 1kg goes for about $50 so it's best to ship in bulk rather than small units. You can also make good money importing blackberry phone accessories since they are lighter to ship via courier.

Things to Note
- Only import phones that are unlocked
- Buying refurbished phones are much cheaper but have less quality than brand new ones
- Buy in bulk to reduce shipping costs via DHL

Buy Blackberry Phones
Get a US shipping address


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