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Posted by on Tuesday August 28, 2012 8:19:25:

Most people who want to travel within and outside Nigeria do make use of travelling agencies from time to time and these are simply agents or companies that help people make traveling arrangements such as flight bookings and accommodations.

As agents, they do collect a commission from every client and may also decide to charge a flat fee. For flights, agencies can collect up to 10% of the total amount charged and they may do this by collecting payment directly from clients and then deducting their commission from such payments. They may also have a relationship with airlines such that they get a commission for every client they refer.

To make money in the travelling agency business, one needs to register as a company and fulfill other legal requirements a travelling agency company has to do to offer such services. As a company, your clients would deal with your business with a better sense of trust and know who they are dealing with.

Nigerians are constantly moving and some of them do take airplanes on an almost monthly basis within Nigeria, across West Africa, and overseas too.

Travelling agencies do have a variety of services through which they can make money such as:

- Consulting
- Hotel bookings
- Flight bookings
- Visa arrangement

Let's assume someone wants to go for a tour in Ghana from Nigeria, an agency can arrange that for a first time traveler with ease and most especially if he doesn't know how to go about it and the travelling requirements and options available. They would be in a better position to provide consulting services as well as travelling arrangement for a tourist. They would be able to tell the person that he can go by road trip or air and may also not need a visa for travelling across West African countries. Same goes for people intending to take a trip to London or the USA. They would be in a good position to render advice on requirements for travelling and estimated cost needed as well as visa requirements.

Travelling agencies would need to have experience or at least knowledge in the area of traveling and what it takes. They need to be conversant with changing trends in the business and know how to categorize client who want affordable services from those who want premium services.

How do they get paid?
As I said, a travelling agency can get paid directly from clients for the service they offer either for a partial service or an all purpose service which would include everything from consulting to travelling arrangements. They can get paid also by referral bookings they make to airlines and travelling service providers who keep a record of all their referrals.
As a company, it's best to collect payment by means of cheque or cash payment into a company account rather than cash unless you are collecting cash for petty transactions.

Re: Travelling Agency Reply by christian iwuagwu on Friday August 31, 2012 at 18:12:2:

pls,am really interestd in becomin a travelling agent,bt 4 d fact i kw nothing about it,how would u teach me about it.pls i need ur help.reply

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