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Nigeria's power sector is so inefficient that it probably now need a total overhaul or outright sale for there to be a steady power supply in the country much like Ghana has been having.

If you have been doing business in Nigeria, then you would know of the importance of electrical power and how the absence of it can almost render a business useless, especially if it was in the manufacturing sector.

New businesses that are making profit in Nigeria have seen the need to invest in alternative sources of energy rather than rely on NEPA(now Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN)). I've even seen hotels and internet cafes that make use of a 24 hr generator and they no longer use NEPA lines due to inefficiency. They are even some small industries who cannot use NEPA to run their production due to the delicate nature of making their products. If you were to sign a contract with the PHCN now to deliver constant electricity to your business, chances are they would not be capable of honouring the contract so why not seek for a more reliable source of power.

Although It maybe more costly in the short term to use alternative source of power than using the PHCN, it pays in the long run when it has become a regular part of your business. 21st century businesses in Nigeria are diversifying their source of power and these include tapping from Solar energy - Power from the Sun.

Solar energy is probably the greenest form of energy we currently have as most other source are proving unsustainable for the earth and besides, with increasing global warming, Solar energy is probably the best way to go.

In developed nations like the USA and Canada, there are hug investments in production and installation of Solar energy even though they don't have much sun the year round like we have in West Africa yet Africans are lagging behind in adopting Solar energy for business.

There is more access to tapping solar energy in Nigeria and so if you run a business, you should think of alternative source to power your businesses like your office and processes. Solar cells are now produced much cheaper than they used to and countries like China are major exporters. Nowadays, we have solar fridges, solar tv, solar radios, solar a/cs, solar inverters and solar cells. Solar cells are normally the basis for tapping energy from the sun and converting it to electrical energy.

With a solar cell or panel, you can tap energy from the sun and convert it almost immediately to electrical energy to power a source. A solar panel can be connected to an inverter or directly to your output depending on what kind of current your require for your business.

So with solar energy, you can run your business without PHCN and not worry about paying electrical bills if you don't want to. One can also combine solar energy with other source of energy like from Nepa in order to reduce your electrical costs especially if you are on a prepaid meter billing. Nowadays with solar cooling, you can install such devices to cool your home especially when the heat is too much.

So solar energy can really save money for your business while also making it profitable for you and if you don't know how to install a solar system for your business or home, you can always contact any solar energy office in Nigeria as there is already a growing number of them readily available. They should be able to analyse how much energy you really need before having to install one for you.

So go green, save money and make more money too.

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How do I start this solar power business? lt is potentially lucrative

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