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SMS is the new way of communicating in Nigeria and even my mother reads sms. In the old days, we were used to writing, sending and reading letters, however with the gsm invasion, we now send short text messages.

The thing about text messages is that they are direct, formal, cheaper and more effective in sending a message to someone than doing voice calls. Voice calls are cool and warmly but really take a lot of your time and credit but with sms, you can do more within a shorter time frame.

There is practically no Nigerian who has never sent nor received an sms and these are short text messages of about 160 characters send via a network to a mobile phone. Nowadays, even banks see it as a routine to send sms to their customers. Same thing goes for churches and mosques, businesses and others who want to keep their members in touch.

Bulk sms on the other hand deals with lots of text messages sent from a source at once.

What do you do when you or a someone else wants to send a text message to a group of people? Well he can as well send it to them using his gsm phone by forming a group and adding those contacts to that group. It would be much easy if you were sending the same text message to about 50 people, but really hard to do that for about 2000 people. Besides it would cost you about N5 to N10 per text.

Nowadays, there are a growing number of international bulk sms providers who offer online accounts that allow Nigerians to send bulk sms to their group contacts at a much cheaper rate than traditional gsm networks. From as low as N1, you could send bulk sms to even more than 2000 people with ease.

There is also a growing number of small businesses who now do this for a living. They sell bulk sms services to people who may want them for a fee and they have a growing number of client base that helps them to do this from individuals, small businesses, companies, religious groups, politicians and social groups.

There is money to be made from bulk sms business by providing services such as:

- Sending bulk sms
- Reselling bulk sms accounts
- Creating contact lists
- Customizing bulk sms
- SMS marketing

Have you ever received an sms message that details the contact as your bank's name without revealing the number? Well with a bulk sms account, you can customize the incoming sms sender to the name of your social group or business.

Bulk sms businesses can make money by helping people send thousands of messages to target customers. They can also help people create online bulk sms accounts for their own use.

Getting started with Bulk sms business
- Sign up for a bulk sms account with an online provider
- Buy wholesale units
- Do marketing to target customers
- Offer reliable service

Most bulk sms accounts allow you to purchase sms credits as low as N1 to N2 and you can resell this for N3 or even N5. It is the number of sms credits that you send or sell that really makes the difference.


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