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Posted by on Saturday March 2, 2013 at 10:33:42:

Can someone outside the USA shop on ebay? Can someone in Nigeria really shop on ebay? Yes you can!

I've written an article on how to shop on sites like from Nigeria but this is about how to shop on, a site which has a lot of useful stuff at good prices too.

Paypal has since bought ebay and this has made paypal become the most preferred form of payment on the shopping site.

As a Nigerian shopper, you should also note that ebay sellers have had a lot of bad experiences from Nigerian fraudsters and this had made ebay and her merchants to isolate buyers from Nigeria.

If you still want to shop on ebay from Nigeria, you just need to get your acts right, pay the money forward and ship to a US address.

Things Nigerians need to Shop on ebay
- An internet connection
- A Paypal account
- An ebay account
- A US shipping address
- A US ip address

There are already a lot of hurdles an online shopper has to face when shopping on US stores from home. One of the problems with shopping on ebay is the paypal issue. If you don't have a paypal account, it can be hard shopping on ebay.

Problems with shopping on ebay from Nigeria:
- No Paypal account: Without a Paypal account, it can be hard shopping on ebay, infact, you shouldn't bother about shopping on ebay if you don't have Paypal account.

- No US shipping address: As you might already know, when shopping on most online US stores from Nigeria, sellers are more disposed to ship to US addresses

- No US ip address: ebay tracks shoppers on their website using their ip address and if it is from an untrusted region, chances are your shopping experience could be limited, especially if shopping from Nigeria. So you'd need a dedicated US ip address.

The good news is that you can kill 3 stones with one stone. This means that you can get a Paypal account, a US shipping address and a US ip address to use for your online shopping experience.

Solution to ebay shopping issues for Nigerians
- First get a liberty reserve account and fund it with at least $20
- Get a VPN service that gives you a dedicated US ip adddress
- Connect to the internet
- Get a US shipping address: Costs about $10 per use or $60 annually
- Connect to your VPN to change your ip
- Get a Paypal account with a US address: You should do this with your new ip address, an email address and the US address you were given
- Go to ebay and shop: Look for buy it now items rather than bids. Buy and pay with paypal instantly and use your US shipping address
- Get an email notification when your goods are received
- Pay for dhl shipping to Nigeria. Costs about $50 per kg
- Track shippiing and get it within 5 days.

It is that easy.

Things you can buy on ebay
Quite a lot of things actually like mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras. flash drives, designer watches and jewelleries. I just ordered for a digital cam and wristwatch that are being shipped already. Perhaps in the future, I would also be buying cheap laptops on ebay such as I've already done on

Shopping on ebay can move you up the ladder financially and you can make money importing all their good stuff and reselling them in Nigeria.


Re: How to shop on ebay from Nigeria Reply by taiwo yusuf on Monday April 6, 2015 at 24:59:56:

Hi, please can i get someone as a personal guide on the process of getting a U.S shipping address and all sort.

Re: How to shop on ebay from Nigeria Reply by Felix Okoli on Monday April 6, 2015 at 24:59:56:

To get a US address is quite easy from Nigeria. Just get a Visa or Mastercard from your bank and then go to myus to order for a US address.

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