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Posted by on Wednesday October 9, 2013 at 12:10:17:

Many people in Nigeria do have one or 2 businesses which they run with the aim of making money. It may be a big or small business but the main focus is to get more customers and hence make money.

Would it make sense that after setting up a business with your capital and you can provide customers with what they want only to find out that business no dey move"?

You may be already running a pure water business, plantain chips business, retail cosmetic store, computer service business, battery sales business, events management service or catering service but if people don't come to you, it can be hard to make money. Well, there are probably many reasons why people are not patronizing your new or old business but one of the main reasons has to do with the fact that people are not informed of what you can actually offer.

Information is power and the more people are informed about what you do, the higher the chance that they would become your customers.

People spend money everyday for one reason or another and if they know that you can provide them with one or two products or services that they ordinarily need, you are already in good business.

How do people then get informed? Well, it has to do with advertising. Your business needs public exposure in order to attract customers. At times people have money and just don't know how to spend it until they know you can offer them something they think they may need.

Advertising has a way of attracting customers to your business and this is mostly necsesary if you are new business, have a growing competition or just looking to use money to make more money.
Yes, advertising does cost some money but you should be willing to spend that money if it would increase your sales and profitability.

Ways to advertise your business
How do you advertise your business? Well there are several ways to do so such as

- Newspaper adverts
- Free advertising on YouTube
- Advertising in your church bulletins
- SMS advertising to your contacts
- Creating a Facebook page for your business
- Setting up website for your business
- Road shows and mobile advertising
- Classified adverts
- Google adwords advertising
- Word of mouth advertising

There are several other ways to advertise your business since the focus is to tell as many people what you do or offer. Advertising can bring more customers to you and hence make your business remain a going concern in the long run.

    Re: Promoting your business with advertising Reply by Onyema on Friday October 11, 2013 at 8:57:13:

    Thanks Felix 4 dis kindy tip.

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