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Posted by on Thursday October 31, 2013 at 15:13:34:

Do you know that there are people who make a full time living in Nigeria just by being wedding planners? Yes, it is a good business to do in Nigeria and it basically involves planning for people's wedding while they themselves would just show up on their D-day.

There are a lof of weddings being held in Nigeria especially in populated cities like Lagos, Abuja and Kano and this is mainly because of Nigeria's overwhelming population. Almost every weekend, you'd see event halls and parks being filled with people to make merriment at the reception venues for their friend who are getting married.

Getting married is a beautiful thing and Nigerians know how important it is. It is a day when two people will become united as one and it marks the beginning of a new family.

Most couples who want to get married already know from other people's experiences that it can be a really stressful and anxious day and the best thing they can do would be to sign up with an agency that can help them plan for their wedding once the day starts counting down.

The job of wedding planners may vary from one agency to another. While some agencies can make money planning everything from the bridal train, clothing, transportation as well as honeymoon, some may just focus on just the D-Day when the reception eventually holds.

Wedding planners are basically meant to take the work load of planning a wedding off the shoulders of the intending couple and can plan people's wedding from day 1 to day 30 if it so requires.

As a wedding planner, you need to have an office or at least have your phone number and contact publicly listed so that people can contact you. You may also be required to hire a hall, do the setup and provident food caterers.

Since people who plan to get married have their different budgets, you should also provide them with varying packages that includes the total cost of your service. It could range from say N100,000 to N1m or as you want and it should include a list of what the package really contains.

As a wedding planner, you are a contractor and when a client signs up, you would be entering into a contract and should fulfill those responsibilities when and how it was agreed on. You should also be able to provide evidence that you've fulfilled your responsibility so that you would be able to defend yourself when clients sue you to court.

As a wedding planner, you should take it as a serious business if you plan to remain there for the long term.

There are lots of weddings happening in our country on a daily basis and you can make money from it, if you really know how to plan a wedding successfully. By the time you offer a good service, word will go round and you would even get more customers.

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    Ofcourse Weeding planning is important

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