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Posted by on Thursday March 13, 2014 at 17:2:49:

People love to buy things most of the times but they don't always have the time or energy to leave their home or office just to buy stuff and that's why services like online shopping is profitable for businesses like Konga and Jumia - They don't just have products, they also deliver it mostly for free.

If you can offer delivery services either solely or in conjunction with your business, you can actually make good money doing it.

Delivery services has to do with taking things to people who need them or have ordered for them.

In Nigeria, people buy a lot of stuff from time to time whether it is the women who buy fruits and vegetables or men that buy recharge card, food, drinks and electronics. Nigerians are finding it more convenient to have their stuff delivered to them rather than going out to source for it.

If you already have an existing business, including a delivery service to it can improve your business. Since you already have existing customers and they have your office phone or web address, they can order for your items, pre-agree on the price and then request for it to be delivered for an additional fee. It helps you to make more sales and even keep your customers satisfied.

You can also make money by offering delivery services directly or indirectly to people and businesses. You should first of all get to know what the market wants and bridge that supply gap by offering your service.

People in Nigeria need to buy things like foodstuffs, home tools, car parts, factory raw materials, stationery and so on. You can decide to offer such services for a specific group of people who buy in bulk or offer it to everyone. There are people who make money by delivering foods like Shawarma worth N1000 each and there are those who deliver car accessories and even jeans/clothing too.

Once you identify a market you can satisfy, advertise your services and you'd see that customers who know you will call you when they need a supply and you can choose to collect your payment on delivery too.

So there are people who make money by producing or selling items as well as delivering them and there are those who don't even sell but only do deliveries even though they don't have a physical store of the items needed by the buyers.

You'd need to define your coverage area like a local govt area or state that you can cover and you may also need to have a means of transportation such as a bike or vehicle.


Re: Make money offering Delivery Services Reply by EMMANUEL EMINAH on Thursday January 29, 2015 at 12:55:1:

I have a twelve sitter bus and would be interested to meet people who will need my services.Thanks.

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