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Posted by on Monday June 9, 2014 at 17:29:36:

For most Nigerians who have already heard about Konga and/or visited their website, they probably already know that Konga is one of the top online shopping websites in Nigeria. However, what many people still don't know is that there are already smart Nigerians who are making a living by partnering with Konga.

Yes, when it comes to the business of online shopping, where people normally go to buy things on the internet as they do in retail supermarkets, one of those reputable places is the Konga website. People flock there on a daily basis looking for items that they need and want to buy. Konga sells a variety of products which includes clothes, shoes, electronics, baby items, beauty products, games, books, food, drinks and even Mobile recharge. Peopel can buy a lot of things on Konga without leaving their homes or office and have it delivered to them even with the option of paying on delivery. Konga is a major player in the list of online shopping websites in Nigeria.

Konga makes money selling items online to Nigerians who have internet service and there are also other Nigerians who have followed their style and started making money by the side too.

How do they make this money? Is it really possible to make money with a Nigerian website? Well, as to the last question, I say Yes!

For the first question, I have to say that there are 2 ways I've found out through which Nigerians do make money with Konga and I'd treat them below.

2 Ways to Make Money with Konga
1. Selling: Selling on Konga Marketplace

2. Online Affiliate marekting: Referring online customers to Konga

There are lots of small businesses in Nigeria and companies who'd love to have a website presence to market and sell their goods but they might not either have the time or resources to manage it. Some of them might have even setup static websites to promote their brand but it might not have helped improved their sales. What if they could have a ready built website or platform that allows them to just list their products and get paid for it? Well, thanks to Konga, this is now possible.

Konga has a special platform devoted to sellers who are already into the business of selling products. If you run a business or have a warehouse of items that you want to sell online, you can do this by simply listing it on the Konga marketplace.

Konga will be able to draw buyers to your store and products and then tell you on how to make your supplies to them. You won't actually have to supply the buyers directly but will drop off your products where and when Konga tells you and your account will be credited when the buyer receives and pays for the item which they will deliver.

As at the time of writing this post, I noticed that interested sellers will also need to pay a start-up fee of about N5000 to get a merchant account with them and then pay small commissions based on your sales.

Sellers will just have to sign up with Konga as a seller and then upload pictures of the products that they want to sell. Konga will verify their business and they can start making money selling on the marketplace.

* Before signing up to sell on Konga, ensure you read the terms of service contained in their merchant agreement.

Sign up a a Seller on Konga

Online Affiliate marketing
A second way to make money with Konga is by registering as an online affiliate marketer.

Konga has an affiliate programs that pay Nigerians in Naira for referring customers to them.

To Sign up as an Affiliate is easy but the hard part is in driving traffic to your affiliate link.

When an affiliate joins the program, he/she will be given an affiliate link, a customized url, which he/she will use in sending customers to Konga's shopping store.

Since this is an online affiliate program, the affiliate will need to have an online platform to promote his affiliate link and this can be any of the following: a website, Facebook account, Twitter account, Blog e.t.c. He will need to have a online platform through which he can attract a lot of people to his affiliate url and when those people buy something from Konga, he will earn at about 3% - 9% of the sales value of the item.

As at the time of writing this, Konga offers the affiliate program on a very wide variety of their products such as fashion, baby items, shoes, books, electronics, computers and so on. You can earn as much as 9% on an item you helped sell by sending traffic to Konga from your online platform.

There are a growing number of people who are making good money from the program and they mostly use their websites or Facebook account to do this.

If you are the kind of person who has a Facebook account that has a lot of friends, you can include your affiliate link there too but don't overuse it if it's your personal Facebook account. You can even set up a separate page on Facebook to use to review products on Konga and in this way be able to also use your affiliate link there. When visitors who are searching for items you reviews visit your page, they are more likely to click through link that you recommend.

You can also make use of a blog website to promote your Konga affiliate link. You can setup a blog for free on sites like blogger.com.

Twitter is another channel to use when trying to get traffic and hence be able to earn some income from affiliate program. Many people don't really know the power of twitter and how to use it to make money. I guess with this review, they'd now know that Twitter can also help you make money. It's free to get a Twitter account and you can post anything you want on the website. The more followers you have on Twitter, the more likely they are going to buy on websites that you recommend such as Konga.

Sign up as a Konga Affiliate Today

Those are the 2 ways I'm sure Nigerians can make money with shopping websites like Konga.


Re: 2 Ways you can make money with Konga Posted by Dr. Yomi on Sunday June 15, 2014 at 8:48:14:

Does been an affiliate to konga needs any open cost? And how will they pay some1's commision ?

Re: 2 Ways you can make money with Konga Posted by Felix Okoli on Sunday June 15, 2014 at 8:48:14:

Well, they normally pay when you earn at least N10,000 into your bank account. As for the cost or running it, it's basically an internet business that requires you have a website like a blog, video channel, Facebook or Twitter account and using it to promote Konga's products with your affiliate link.

Re: 2 Ways you can make money with Konga Posted by www.agbonclick.com on Thursday June 19, 2014 at 2:9:32:

Great information for Nigerians from a Nigerian. Keep it up brother.

Re: 2 Ways you can make money with Konga Reply by Sandra Nwaneri on Friday January 9, 2015 at 20:51:56:

This is really nice, great information.. more grease to your elbow.!

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