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Posted by on Monday March 18, 2013 at 14:22:22:

There is money to be made from food delivery services as they are a lot of Nigerians willing to pay for such services if they can get a home delivery rather than going all the way out to buy food.

Online food selling websites are on the rise in Nigeria and these are basically websites that list various restaurants in cities like Lagos and Abuja. They normally list a lot of local restaurants people already know, have their current price list and allow people to make orders for such foods depending on the menu they want.

There are already sites like, and others and it seems to be a profitable investment to offer food delivery services in Nigeria's growing cities.

They don't cook food but actually make money by helping the listed restaurants make money by connecting with their online customers. I guess one of the ways these vending services make money is by charging delivery services and probably also by getting a discount from the food outlets themselves.

In order to make money with a food vending website or business, one has to have local knowledge of the food sources or outlets in terms of their location and prices and then market their products in order to get a lot of orders from customers.

So they would either be making money from charging delivery costs to online customers who pay cash on delivery or by getting bulk discounts from the sellers or both. Whichever works, it's always a good business to be selling Nigerian food on the internet.


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