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Posted by on Friday June 19, 2015 at 10:35:51:

Many Nigerians nowadays subscribe to data plans for variety of reasons such as for browsing, mobile chatting, downloading and so on. Some of them spend more money to buy data and some even spend as much a 5 kobo per kilobyte which is not ideal.

If you could offer many of them the ability to buy data at a much lower rate than what they'll get from MTN directly, you could make money doing so and this is now possible through what MTN calls their SME Data Share plan.

MTN Nigeria's SME data plan allows subscribers who have more money to spend to buy more data for as low as N700 per Gigabyte with the lowest plan selling for as log as N1000 per Gigabyte.

If you could buy 1GB for N1,000 from MTN and resell it to subscribers for N1200 or N1500, then that's already a profitable business you can do since it has a good Returns on Investment(ROI) of at least 20%.

As at this date, MTN sells 10GB for N10,000, 20GB for N18,000, 50GB for N40,500 and 75GB for N52,500 and you can start using this service by first subscribing to the package by sending 460 to 131 via SMS or dialing *461#. If you ask me, I think it's a good deal for people who want to save money when buying data plans from MTN to use or resell. You can resell at a profit and share the data by simply dialing *461#.

You might ask if it's not possible for potential customers to avoid your service and rather buy directly from MTN. Well, not many Nigerians have that amount of bulk money to spend and some don't use that much data but would definitely want a cheaper data plan that what MTN might be offering them for say 50 to 100 MB. If they were to buy 100 MB from MTN directly, they might have to pay as much as .

Currently, MTN's data plans to the masses sells 10 MB for N100, 50 MB for N200 and 260 MB for N1,000. However, with a low 10GB your purchased for N10,000 using the SME data plan, you are already getting 10MB for N10 and 260MB for N260.

Are there differences between MTN's data plan and their SME data share plan? Well, one difference I've noticed is that there are no data roll overs. Secondly, the data you sold to or shared with others data will expire at the same date as that of the owner.

It's a good way to make money and it's also a good way to save money when browsing with MTN. Imagine buying data for as low as N1 per MB from a Nigerian ISP? There are not many service providers offering that low for data in Nigeria.

It's a good way to make easy money and you just have to connect with other people who normally buy or use data and offer them your package.

How does one load an airtime credit of N10,000 using a recharge card? You don't need a recharge card since you can do this by using your card on an ATM, use Quickteller's website or by dialing your bank's USSD code for airtime topup.

Things you need are:
- A mobile phone with MTN sim
- At least N10,000 airtime credit
- Subscription to MTN SME data share plan by dialing *461#

Re: Make money selling MTN data plans Reply by Ayodeji olarewaju on Sunday July 19, 2015 at 10:59:24:

I tink am informed better.tanks

Re: Make money selling MTN data plans Reply by Olarewaju ayodeji on Friday July 24, 2015 at 2:19:19:

Is it possible to sell to all network?as in,from mtn to like glo number...

Re: Make money selling MTN data plans Reply by Felix Okoli on Friday July 24, 2015 at 2:19:19:

You can sell from MTN to MTN, Glo to Glo and so on. You can't transfer data from one network to another for now.

Re: Make money selling MTN data plans Reply by elof on Tuesday July 28, 2015 at 23:59:57:

how can i get other networks ? if i want to sell all networks?

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