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Even if what you can offer to people is just entertainment in a relaxed environment, they would be willing to pay you for it.

Nigerians have constantly shown their love for entertainment centers and that's probably why these sort of business has remained profitable.

There are a lot of reasons why people may want to spend time outside their home after work or their daily duties. They would want to spend quality time doing something they don't normally do during the most parts of their life. This is what entertainment offers to people, the ability to unwind and relax from their normal stressful life.

When it comes to entertainment business, it really goes wide and can range from offering people a wide screen HD tv experience to life stage music or jokes. Entertainment business takes varying forms in Nigeria and you as an investor would have to choose a niche that best works for you.

There are a lot of small Nigerian investors who start up entertainment centers with little capital but have grown profitably well. Some start their entertainment business as just football viewing centers and as time goes on, they may introduce other side attractions like a bar, swimming pool, dance hall, sauna and so on. Some may just focus on offering cinema like experience with movie centers and still make money from it.

How do entertainment centers make their money in Nigeria? Well, there are several ways they do so and these can be by the sale of gate tickets, food and drinks. Some of them may also rent out their halls part time to people holding special events.

When entertainment centers are basically new, they may offer promos such as free gate pass but make money by the side selling foods, drinks, tech products or even minor subscriptions. As time goes on when such a center has become popular or getting overcrowded, gate tickets would then start becoming the major source of income.


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