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Posted by on Tuesday October 1, 2013 at 14:5:31:

If you can grow trees to maturity, you can make a lot of money doing so, even in Nigeria.

There a lot of demand in growing cities in Nigeria for fresh foods and these include fruits and vegetables. Due to the fact that most developing cities have little or no plan for vegetation and farming, the increasing demand for fresh fruits have only made the market a profitable one for farmers, yes, even if they were just fruit farmers.

The money is not just in cassava or yams but also in trees and these are trees like mango, guava, oranges and tangerine.

In cities like Lagos, Abuja, Onitsha, Benin and Port harcourt, the prices of fruits keep going up but people still need to eat fruits just to keep their systems healthy.

All you basically need to do is plant the seed, wait for some years for the tree to grow and then you'll start reaping millions once it starts yielding.

If you have got a farm or land somewhere in Nigeria that you are not exactly using just yet, dedicating it to planting fruit bearing trees can really make you millions.

Let's take an orange tree for example, it takes about 5 years to mature and start bearing fruits and the tree just grew from a single seedling you planted sometime ago. Once it starts bearing fruit, you can start harvesting and shipping it to the market for sale. In Lagos, a single orange sells for about N30 and you can get about 30 oranges from a single tree. Imagine how rich you can become if you have about 1000 orange trees in your farm and they've all started yielding fruit.

Things to consider
Before investing in this business, her are some things you may need to consider

- If the land is yours or rented
- How long the available land remain available
- How long you are willing to wait to recoup your investment
- How to source for knowledge regarding tree planting.
- Whether to enroll the service of a trained agriculturist or do it yourself
- How long it takes for the tree to start bearing fruit
- Whether to employ labourers or not.
- How to supply your goods to the market and storage.

This is not a short term business that one can start seeing returns in a short time. It takes a while and when your trees start being fruitful, then it would have more potential to make money and besides, you'll also be keeping the world green.


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