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Posted by on Saturday April 12, 2014 at 13:14:0:

The Konga Affiliate program is one way I mentioned that one can make money in Nigeria and the good thing I love about this affiliate program is that you can promote your affiliate url with your website, facebook page or even on Twitter.

I marvel at the way a lot of people spend time texting and pinging on their mobile phones just for the fun of communicating when they could actually get paid for typing.

It may take just a few words or sentence just to promote your affiliate link and you can generate some income doing so if you have a lot of people visiting.

Recently, I noticed that one of my websites has been receiving a lot of traffic and sending traffic to my affiliate links and yesterday, it generated about N2800 for me. This was basically my commission on a particular day for an item worth about N90,000 that someone bought in Nigeria from Konga through my link.

Konga has an affiliate program that I mentioned of in one of my posts that allows Nigerians to make money passively from the internet by just promoting their affiliate links.

We know that Nigerians are always buying things and you just need to go to the shopping mall on weekends to see how much they are buying. People spend money on various things like clothes, shoes, books, food, drinks, electronic and so on.

You can make money from Konga as a marketer if you have an online platform through which you can promote your affiliate link.

Just sign up with Konga's affiliate program and get your unique link. You can then use that link to promote anything that Konga is selling and when people buy through your link, you will get credited for it. It is a type of internet marketing.


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