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Posted by on Tuesday November 29, 2011 15:59:38:

When it comes to making money in Nigeria, there is one important element where it really gets started from and it is called the mind. You can't really make money if you have not decided to do so from your mind. Your mind propels you to act. It tells you what goals to set and how to achieve it.

Let's say for instance, someone has been trying to escape poverty into which he was born as a result of a poor family background. His parents may have been educated but along the line squandered their riches in their youth and now battling to raise their kids in a decent way. A kid from that background may have the desire to escape poverty or middle class poverty but will still be unable to do so if he has not made up his mind to make money. When someone decides to make money, he thinks of business ideas that can really help him bring in income. If he is good in mathematics and economics, he would be able to exponentially grow that source of income over a shorter period of time. So the mind is important. Great or successful men didn't build their empire in a day or by wishful thinking, they spent time focusing on their goal and offering a lot of sacrifices to achieving it. At times, you may have to sacrifice your social life and other distractions just to get where you want.

The mind can be distracted
The mind is what we possess. It is where our thinking normally happens but it can be distracted and in this way affect out ability to reach our goal. Things like family, children, hobbies or bad habits can be distracting to our mind. It is good at times to go back to the drawing board and analyze what your priorities really are so you cut off distractions. You should be willing to even sacrifice. Some bad habits that can distract our minds are over drinking, excessive eating, partying and other vices. One thing you should know is that great men we know today did not let these things get in their way. You would even find out that some of them don't drink alcohol, smoke or even have casual sex. If you really want to be successful in what you do, you need to take control of your lifestyle and this would help your mind to work more effectively.

Tips for being successful
- Take time to meditate daily and focus on how to achieve your goal
- Analyze your performance and see if it is working positively
- Be willing to change if your current strategy is not working or working as it ought to
- Try to involve other people to grow your business because no man is an island
- Avoid bad habits

Re: It begins with the mind Posted by Tony on Friday December 16, 2011 at 22:19:11:

I feel you, Felix! you write from the root of your mind.

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