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Posted by on Saturday November 26, 2011 10:58:44:

I've made a couple of posts on Ad-dynamo and this is an ad network for advertisers and publishers too. The focus here is on publishers who make money with ad dynamo from their websites. You can learn how to make money from ad dynamo here.

So after making something like up to $100 in a month, how do you withdraw your payments? Actually for Ad dynamo publishers in Nigeria, there is a new update that allows publishers to get paid much faster than the Ad dynamo card I once wrote about here

How Ad Dynamo pays publishers
Ad Dynamo actually offers 3 payment options and the last one was just recently introduced:

- Paypal
- Ad Dynamo debit card
- Direct bank deposit (Savings or Current)

If you are a Nigerian publisher, which payment option would you choose? Well I'm guessing it is the direct bank payment option as this could easily be lodged in to your GTBank, Access bank, First bank, Zenith bank or any other Nigerian bank for that matter. It is money that is just there waiting for you and you could easily access it with your ATM card

Before receiving payments from Ad dynamo
You would need to first setup your payment option and you should choose the one that is most suited to you.
Follow these steps:
- Log into your ad dynamo account
- Go to Account
- Go to Payments to choose how you want to be paid
- Enter your payment details
- Save

Now when you reach your minimum payment threshold, you would receive payment within a week or would I say first business day after the month end.

Ad dynamo debit card vs Direct bank deposit
I used to say that the Ad dynamo card was the fastest means of getting paid but with their recent introduction of direct bank payments, Ad dynamo card has become like the second fastest. Thumbs up to Ad dynamo for this innovation


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