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Posted by on Monday November 14, 2011 17:37:21:

Laptops are the main thing now as Nigerians are getting addicted to personal computers. Having a personal laptop now has become the priority of most young business minded people as it helps make using the computer relatively easy for them than if compared to Desktops. People are willing to pay for such PCs even if they were worth over N100,000 and there is also a market for refurbished and cheaper computers that can cost about N30,000 to N40,000.

Importing and selling laptop computers is how a lot of young people are making millions of naira profit yearly due to the sporadic growth in ICT loving Nigerians.

Think of it, if you can buy laptops from stores like Amazon, Buy and others and ship them to Nigeria, you would be able to know how much it costs you and add maybe 10% profit on it to get your gain. So assuming you buy a good laptop for N70,000 and sell it for N77,000, you are still making profit so you just need to do the following things if you want to get involved in the laptop importation business.

Things you may need to start importing and selling laptops in Nigeria:
- Finding out reliable online sources
- Deciding on a means of payment e.g. Credit card
- Getting a US, Chinese address or contact
- Decide on how to ship it to Nigeria
- Calculate your delivery cost
- Decide on what brand of laptops to deal with e.g brand new, refurbished or cheaper brands

Capital is what you really need!
Yes, it really all boils down on capital. Having something like N100,000 may not be a sufficient startup capital for dealing with laptops unless you are only importing accessories. Having some kind of capital that can import at least 5 laptops would be a good business plan and if you can get about 50,000 after selling all of them, it is a good enough profit for business. So a capital like N500,000 to N1.5m would be a good idea

Tips for buying laptops at a good price
- Use the internet and look for deals on sites like Apple, HP, Amazon, Buy and other online stores
- Buy from reputable stores and get the refurbished ones for a cheaper price
- Look for discounts and take advantage or promos

How some importers buy laptops from the USA and ship to Nigeria
Truth is most online stores don't ship to Nigeria from the USA directly even if you have a credit card so the best way to do this is by getting a mail forwarding service that gives them a US address to receive their goods and then re-ships to Nigeria. A good site that offers you a US address for shopping on US online stores is You would only need to pay for the item ad the seller's store with your credit card, get it shipped to your us address, you pay a small token of about $60/year for setting up a US address and then pay for shipping the product to Nigeria using DHL or Fedex and depending on teh weight per kg.

So in arriving at your selling price after you have received you laptops in Nigeria, you would have to consider the following things:
- Price listed on US store
- USA address fee(Fixed cost)
- Shipping cost to Nigeria

I NEED A MENTOR Posted by BAMIGBAIYE Adekunle on Wednesday November 30, 2011 at 14:40:20:


Re: Importing and Selling Laptops Posted by ikhiloya on Thursday December 22, 2011 at 16:45:23:

is there no way i can start with accessories as it is highly demanded in nigeria and pls help me with someone who can assist me

Re: Importing and Selling Laptops Posted by Felix Okoli on Thursday December 22, 2011 at 16:45:23:

Of course you can also import accessories and would probably be much cheaper to ship.

Re: Importing and Selling Laptops Reply by Henry on Wednesday April 4, 2012 at 13:47:43:

Good day, Thanks so much for your detail explanation about importation, pls if u can help me out by linking me up with any HP company abroad that can start supplying me laptops I will be so glad, because I need to start the business as soon as I can get reliable dealer or company. Thanks! From Henry

Re: Importing and Selling Laptops Reply by Felix Okoli on Wednesday April 4, 2012 at 13:47:43:

HP seems to already have a major dealer in Nigeria. If you however want to buy their products online, you may trying going to their website like or checking out other retail stores like and

Re: Importing and Selling Laptops Reply by ifeanyi precious on Wednesday June 27, 2012 at 17:29:15:

how do i get a mentor and i also need money to start the business

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